If you would like to get involved in supporting one of our families directly then you might consider becoming a Community Family Friend. Being a friend to a family means providing support in a way that is meaningful to that family, whatever that might be from a coffee and chat, to an extra pair of hands on the weekly shop, or spending time with the children while mum cooks the dinner. When a family is going through difficult times, the unconditional care by someone who just wants to help can make a huge difference.

This is a rewarding experience for families and volunteers:

“I was initially very nervous about becoming a CFF as I felt inexperienced and a bit out of my depth in knowing how to give support; I didn’t want to get it wrong. The training was really helpful and as soon as I started I knew it was the right thing for me, it was where God wanted me to be. Giving support has not always been easy, but as well as being a blessing to the family, I can truly say I have been blessed in ways I could not imagine, and have learnt so much from the family and the needs they have.”
– Caroline Haines, Community Family Friend

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Becoming a Community Family Friend
Before being matched to a family all CFFs are police checked and given comprehensive training. Once started on their journey with a family they are given on-going supervision in their role and can join a CFF Volunteers’ Group for prayer and mutual support. One of the advantages of working as a CFF rather than supporting our regular activities is that you can be more flexible with your time and find a way to support your family which works for both you and them. If you would like to become a Community Family Friend please contact us at info@balsamfamilyproject.co.uk or call on 07799894410.

Be a CFF Team Leader
If you are already a Family Friend or have experience in a similar role you might like to become a Family Friend team-leader. Apart from your usual role as a CFF you would also host a CFF Volunteers’ Group for other CFFs in your area to encourage one another with advice and prayer. Additional supervision and training would be provided to ensure you are confident in your role.

Become the CFF Coordinator
We are looking to appoint a CFF coordinator to manage the CFFs and their work with families. Their main roles would be; to provide a point of contact for Family Friends to raise any concerns or issues; introduce CFFs to a support group; help recently trained CFFs settle into their role and make sure all CFFs feel supported and are up-to-date with their training. The co-ordinator would work closely with the staff member who matches CFFs to families and facilitates introductions. As the co-ordinator gains experience and develops their role they may take on further activities such as; the task of matching CFFs to families; providing training to new CFFs; liaising with CFF Team Leaders to develop CFF Volunteers’ Group materials.
As well as the initial CFF training the CFF Co-ordinator would receive more extensive training on certain topics such as Safe-Guarding Children and the Social Care system. On-going Supervision and further opportunities for training/workshops would also be available.

Are you interested? Email us at info@balsamfamilyproject.co.uk and we’ll get in touch!